Publishing of monthly magazine 'Nova ekonomija' (New Economy)

New economy is a modern, credible, analytical, contemporary designed magazine that gathers a team of qualified and competent journalists, researchers and economists, and which publishes analytical articles, research studies, interviews etc. The circulation of the magazine Nova ekonomija is 4,000 copies per issue.

Portal provides daily news updates and attracts more than 100,000 unique visitors and over 200,000 pages opened. Alongside daily updates of news from Serbia, the region and the world, we also publish analytical pieces and the views of renowned economists, bloggers etc.

Economics portal:


Public speaking training for companies, organisations and students

Business Info Group has ten years of experience in organizing courses and trainings covering various types of public appearances: media appearances, resolving crisis situations in the media, appearances in front of large groups of people, public speaking in front of small groups of people, debates and duels, and training for successful PR. To date, we have organized dozens of individual and group courses of various types for companies, banks and other organizations, as well as for representatives of the executive branch.

We generaly organise two types of training: in-house training, for individual companies and organisations, and group training, intended for 10 to 15 representatives of various companies and organisations.

Our lecturers include prominent journalists from leading Serbian media companies, who, thanks to their many years of experience, are among the most qualified to exchange knowledge on how to perform best and most effectively in public, because talking to guests from public life is their daily job.

Our clients are well-known banks, companies and parties in Serbia and the surrounding area: Telekom Srbije, Vip, OMV, EPS, KBC banka, Komercijalna banka, Delez Srbija, CRH, SAP, Siemens, VEGA IT, Infostud, Zlatiborac, Nuclear facilities of Serbia, Ombudsmen, Plan Plus, Trag foundation, Nes Communications, Alstom, M: Tel, OSCE, Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, Nectar, JTI, Statistical Office, Dunav osiguranje, Association of Serbian Banks, Continental, AstraZeneca, etc., etc.


Design and organization of conferences, forums and round tables

BIG has organized more than 120 business events of various ranks - from international conferences, summits, forums, to round tables, with more than 1,000 participants and speakers from the ministerial level, governors, ambassadors, representatives of international organizations, experts and business representatives. You can see more details about it at

Organization of events for the needs of clients

We have designed and organized several conferences and events for the needs of clients from the business sector, as well as for the needs of international organizations – including designing, organizing, managing and implementation of events.

Training and seminars for journalism students in the field of economic journalism.

In the past five years we have held 10 seminars for more than 120 journalism students and young journalists.

Training and seminars for university students from all over Serbia

Business Info Group, as a socially responsible company, collaborates with various student organisations and colleges. We organise training and seminars free of charge  for students covering various “soft skills” - public performances, presentation skills,  debates, how to launch a business, make a business plan, manage finances, encourage teamwork, present oneself well to an employer etc.

Annual editions

Publication “Leaders of Social Responsibility”, for the 11 consecutive years, publication “100 biggest, 100 best companies” etc. In these publications, companies have the opportunity to present their socially responsible actions, for the seventh   year in a row, on a commercial basis. The money raised in this way is invested in free student training.

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